Pacific 6s League Rules

All Normal Fifa Rules Apply

Yellow Cards

  • Intentional foul
  • Pulling shirt
  • Tackling from behind
  • Obvious intentional handball
  • Dissent
  • Subs coming onto the field of play or touching live ball
  • Blocking a restart of play
  • 3 yellow cards during the season = 1 game suspension
  • 5 yellow cards during season = 2 game suspension

Red Cards

  • Swearing at ref
  • Denying a goal scoring opportunity with a foul or slide
  • Spitting
  • Threatening to fight
  • Fighting
  • 1 red = 1 game suspension
  • Fighting = Rest of season


  • 5 field players and one goalie. Minimum of 3 players including the keeper to start the game. Co-ed teams have to have one of each sex on the field at all time


  • Size 5. The clock will not stop when the ball is kicked out of bounds. Balls must be retrieved immediately


  • Only on stoppages of play
  • Subs to wait behind their goal
  • Subs should not touch the ball while it is still on the field (yellow card and free kick/pk)
  • Advantageous subbing will result in a YELLOW CARD


  • Molded studs, turf shoes and flats OK
  • Shinguards must be worn
  • Metal studs are not permitted.

Restart of Play

  • A restart must occur quickly after placing the ball for a free kick, corner kick, goal kick or over the touch line
  • Goalkeeper may use unlimited steps to bring the ball to the boundary of the penalty area

Goalkeeper Release

  • The ball must be distributed by a throw, normal place kick or kick from a dribble.
  • Punt and drop kicks are not permitted. A corner kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a keeper punts or drop kicks the ball.

Ball out of Play

  • There are no throw-ins
  • Kick-ins restart play where the ball went out of bounds on the touchline and the ball does not have to be placed on the line before being kicked back into play
  • Players cannot score directly from a kick-in as they are indirect

Duration of Play

  • 26 minute halfs with a 3 minute halftime
  • Games will end 26 mins past the hour regardless of the start time

Slide tackles

  • Absolutely no sliding
  • Exception is that the 'keeper can slide to collect a ball with his/her hands or torso. Goalies are NOT allowed to slide feet first at any time. A feet first challenge by a keeper within the box that results in contact and or impedes an opposing player may result in a PK.


  • There are no offsides

Free Kicks

  • All restarts will be Indirect with the exception of PKs.
  • Opposing players must give five yards on all kicks and kick ins or they will be cautioned (re-kick).


  • 10 yards from goal line


  • Any player that is bleeding must leave the field. Time will not be stopped for injuries.

Interaction with Referees

  • Only the team captain can discuss "calls" with the referee and only after the play has stopped. No Exceptions!

Turf Usage Rules

  • All ITC turf usage rules must be followed.

Misconduct Rules

  • YELLOW - Two yellows in a game = RED
  • RED - Ejection without replacement and potential suspension

Thursday Co-Ed Funday! All other rules plus these adjusted karma points.

We will have non-traditional standings for the Thursday Co-Ed league. Teams will be awarded stars based on objectives. 6 stars are available per game.

At kick off the team has 8 or more players

Commits 0 fouls as a team

Has at least one player from each sex on the field at all times

No individual scores more than 2 goals

Two stars for a win, one for a draw

Video of Pacific6s rules - For all leagues

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