Drop-in Players

Drop-in Electronic Form

Teams using un-registered players (including players who are registered with other teams) will be assigned a 3-0 loss.

Teams using players who have not filled out this form and submitted their payment, will be assigned a 3-0 loss.

By submitting this form, you agree to play by the rules of the league, as well as being included in the waiver.

Rules and Intended Usage
Drop-in players are meant to be a short-term solution to being short in numbers or to give a player a trial on your team. It is not designed to bring in ringers.

Teams who have 10 players at their games should not be asking for drop-in players unless they are covering for dressed but injured players.

Legal Matters
By submitting this drop-in registration you agree to release the coaches, sponsors, volunteers, SFFC executive and Power7s executive (or PFC / ITC for Pacific6s) from all liability and waive, against said coaches, sponsors, volunteers, SFFC executive and Power7 executive (or PFC / ITC for Pacific6s), all claims of any kind whatsoever that you may have for any and all illness, injuries and /or losses suffered or sustained through participation in the Power7s spring/summer soccer league.

Furthermore, as a drop-in player, I understand that I am not covered by the league insurance policy that full membership players are covered under.

On-call List



The following players have signed up as being available to drop in. Please contact them see if they can help your team out in a time of need.

NameLeagueContact InfoAvailable
AliWomen’s 7s250-880-3615
DanThursday Men’s250-300-1762
MoAny Men’s250-880-3361

Please use the form below. You can print it out and bring it with you, or we will have some at the field. Players only have to fill one out per season.

Paper Forms